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The Time Project Part II

Selected international artists have created short multi-art pieces answering the question; What does time mean to you? These have been paired with other artists work and incorporated into this growing digital canvas.

TIME and its value confronts us with fundamental questions about life.


How do you perceive TIME?

What does time mean to you?


Time Artist Group Two Collaborations


The Time Community

28 solo artists plus community came together to make Time Pieces that began during 2020. The Time Project has received The Kat Award from Together 2012/Crossing Borders Festival 2020





Scott wrote 2 poems about isolation. I thought it would be interesting for him to be filmed reading these in the exact place he was isolated. The film is a combination of Scott reading and a montage of all the things surrounding him during that time. I used Marisa's marimba piece as I thought it went very well with the voice and pace of the film.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

I played around with different music and poetry for this choreography and this was my favourite. I like the way that the movements Panos makes often hit at the same time as the piano but not exactly. Each time I watch it I notice things lining up slightly differently. I layered Panos over himself and played around with different ways to show the city and his movement in a simple, affective way. The movement is so nice that I just wanted to showcase it without over editing.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

"We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the World."

Robert M. Pirsig



TIME Xlll 


I have left Ashley's piece in full including the music. I have reframed it to fit vertically and added a CCTV look It felt to me like Ashley was performing to someone that wasn't physically there, which gives it a slightly voyeuristic feel which works for the CCTV effect. I like Elmar's story with this piece, I think it fits with the movement and I also think it suits the music. The captions are typed and have the same font as the CCTV

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

We start with Dan's painting, time counters and the captions all squashed and hard to read. Each time the bell sounds in the song, the image resets and the captions become larger, allowing the audience to pick out key phrases. In the final section the captions are crystal clear and the timers count backwards to complete the piece.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

(With thanks to creative collaborators, Gemma and Harvey!)

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
Heraclitus, Fragments






I made the film into 4 bright comic book squares. Throughout they pass over each other. The compositing of the frames is set to 'colour burn' so the colours add up when they pass each other, making an interesting 'pop art' effect. Richard has composed this music specially, so it matches the movements nicely in a lot of places.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

Bengisu is talking about time and Caylia's piece has a lot of locations, so I went with the general idea of time passing in familiar places. The beginning is like blinking quickly through the empty places, then we have slow shots of Caylia in each place. I have used a frame from Freddie's piece with a sentence that I liked for the piece ('I really wish you could see this place') at the beginning and end. I also used both the Turkish and English captions. For the overall look I went with 'aged paper'. We haven't had this and it seemed to suit the colour of Caylia's shots

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

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Caylia or Bengisu!

“Always search for the truth. My truth is in the stars and yours is here”
First Doctor (The Daleks, Season 2 Episode 5)




The Time Community Collage 

Rob edited Thomas' work to make it look like a dream sequence where time is passing us by unless we notice life and that we are alive, The piece is accompanied by Marisa Cornford's composition.

Lila and Thomas filmed on location at a field in Graz. They explore the visual and metaphorical difference between Metal and Wood.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

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Thomas or Marisa!

The Time Community Collage 

contains poetry in English from Michelle Spratt, Cherly Strutt and Deborah Corcoran, a Spanish song by Letticia Collazo Braswell, a German text by Viktor Lackner, music from Dave Ford and Mike Watson with visuals from Martha Pribil. Eight people from four nations created little art pieces to a universal theme of TIME. The essence of these pieces grew to a common point. The story based on cycle, transient and the process of change features the idea that time is an illusion. Past, present and future is the moment where everything is existent, where every gesture is full of meaning and where truth is always present even when it seems invisible sometimes.

Angelina Schwammerlin

Transmitter Performance 

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”
 H.P Lovecraft

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