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(Sunrise, 1992 - Sunset 2020) RIP
SDC began working with Lionel and 35 incredibly talented performers during 2016 on Pop-Up Theatric's ''Broken City Wall Street''. There was an opening in SDC's production of Caridad Svich's seminal work, ''Carthage", he was perfect for the part. Lionel became an important international artistic collaborator and contributor at SDC, his spoken word poetry merged with signtheatre is a new art form.

We met Noemi in her home town, Ljubljana, Slovenia, one of our favorite cities in the World. We immediately fell in love with her passion and energy and her exquiste art. She lives in Berlin now and works in the heart of an exciting arts scene with her solo performance art pieces. We are really excited to be collaborating with her on ''Time''.


Tabitha is a young artist/curator and close friend of the company. We have known her for many years since she was a young person and are really excited to work with her at a professional level on 'Time'. Her work is both emotive and beautiful.

Rob is at the heart of SDC's current artistic development focused on digital, film and virtual. He is an intensely talented artist and great fun to tour and work with. He brings a completely different perspective to the work. He collaborates and co-produces with SDC on our international productions and regularly joins us on tour.

Isolte(Salty), loves artistic collaboration more than anything, she has been able to drive the logistic and touring aspects of SDC, and grow the company in an individual way, taking the lead from David Bower SDC's artistic director. Isolte is from Cuba originally and enjoys developing her own art form with the company's close long term collaborators. Her favorite recent development are in music performance and the combination of spoken word poetry, sign theatre and dance.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"

Leo Tolstoy


Kate's one of our favourite collaborators ever! She is a wonderful and elegant dance artist and we have long admired her work. She is the dance director for In Between Spaces and helped to create movement  collaborating alongside director Ozan Gökmen. Her work takes her to vertical spaces, up in the air and gliding through space. At SDC she is earthbound. Nonetheless, her creativity and ability to work with the company so well is soaring, and takes us to new heights!
Musician & composer, Angelina Schwammerlin is from Graz and has been working with SDC since 2005. Lila is a central artist in SDC's projects & often co-produces with her company, Transmitter Performance.
"I feel that Bloom Lab really pertains to this time of quarantine and self protection. The art is blooming in a different sort of environment"
Isolte Avila.
Zoe Rowena Partington has been a major influencer in SDC's work. Guiding the company access and real development within the disability arts movement and identifying how SDC contributes to this part of the sector. She has been developing the audio description for The Time Project and its been a really gorgeous journey.

Susan Whitfield is a local (Wycombe,UK) dancer, teacher and community arts creative. She is helping with the project management of "The Time Project". Soobie is an excellent new contributor to SDC's work. We began working with her during the ''In Between Spaces'' tour. We are excited and grateful for her artistic and engagement input.

Richard is a local composer/collaborator and long time friend  He is a very precise, playful and intelligent artist. You can find many excerpts of his compositions throughout ''The Time Project''.  As well as contributing artistically, Richard supports the company in many other ways when we are at home creating and sharing our work.

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

David grew up in North Wales and this beautiful land and culture informs his work greatly. David has worked internationally for 25 years and his ability to share and communicate with many communities across the world means he is an excellent collaborator. He ensures SDC is able to stay within our international communities for good periods of time, rather than just dropping in & out quickly. He is a tour de force artistically in the company and leads much of its artistic development and inclusive drive.
Joke is from Amsterdam originally, a long time contributor, collaborator, director with & for SDC. She has been instrumental in the development of the company's international work and helping SDC to think outside the box artistically. She has stood by us through thick & thin and we value her work immensely.

Tempus Fugit!

Viviana is one of SDC's collaborations directors, Isolte Avila, best childhood friends. They reconnected recently and Viviana immediately got involved in Signdance Collective. She has worked in TV and Film as well as working with young Native American people. Her work is inspiring and completely Viviana! From her studio in Miami, she produces magic. We are so excited that she is working with us.
In Between Spaces
Early 2020 Tour
Time/In Between Spaces
A multi-layered project of which "The Time Project" is part of.
"When you come along. I feel. When you talk. I know. It's alright. There's a glitter in your  eyes"
Lyrics: Angelina Schwammerlin
Vocals: Isolte Avila
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