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Time Artists

Group Two


Panos Paraschou is a Greek Deaf Artist who SDC has worked with for many years  He is from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece and is a talented emerging international artists.


Bengisu Peltek is one of our favorite international performers. She is from Hatay Iskenderun in Turkey and she is an exciting emerging international dancer, singer and actress living in Holland!


Thomas Ulrych is a Transmitter artist and an SDC associate. He brings great experience in inventiveness and focus to our collaborations. Thomas is from Graz in Austria.

Dave Ford/Twangling Jack Ford is a musician and composer. He is a local artist and often performs at the Wycombe Arts Centre open mic nights and in many other music outlets. He collaborates with musician/writer, Dane Cobain in their band, "The Ilk". We are delighted to welcome Dave to The Time Project.

Musician, writer, story-teller, Elmar Radesey is from Graz Austria, born into Paraguayan heritage. Elmar worked for The Austrian consulate across the world including Vietnam and Venezuela. He is a Transmitter Performance associate artist and is passionate about music and art. We are passionate about working with him! The lyrics for the song ''PAZ'' ''In Between Spaces'' are by Elmar.

"If you try to get your hands on time, it's always slipping through your fingers," says Barbour. "People are sure time is there, but they can't get hold of it"

Julian Barbour


Artist Daniel Wilson and his company Decreate was established 2001 as a platform for his multi-disciplinary work. He is a local Wycombe artist who is based at Wycombe Arts Centre where Signdance Collective is based as well!


Cian was introduced to us by Soobie Whitfield. He works with the amazing Access All Areas Company! We are very happy to include his work in The Time Project!


Caylia Wallace has been introduced to the project by Lionel Macauley, LMM Productions. Caylia is a wonderful dancer/director from Franklin, New Jersey in the US


Ashley Antonia Lopez was born in Yonkers, NY, raised in the Bronx, NY to Dominican parents. She has worked with Lionel Macauley on several projects in the Big Apple , and we are very lucky to have this opportunity to work with her.

"Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change"

Thomas Hardy


We first met Scott in an open mic poetry music evening at Wrexfest, Wrexham in North Wales.

He is "quite extraordinary" and we are so excited to collaborate with him for The Time Project.


Rachel Bennett is from New Hampshire, USA and lives in New York City. She is an actor, writer, dancer and yoga teacher. She was recently named citizen of the week by NY1, for her caring by card initiative for people living and isolated in nursing homes. We met her during a project called Broken City Wall Street with PopUP Theatrics. So happy that she is a Time artist!


Marisa Cornford was introduced to us by Soobie. She is a wonderful musician from Lancashire and we are so excited to be collaborating with her.


Letticia Collazo Braswell is a musician/musicologist from Oriente, Santiago de Cuba. She is the Lady in the house for our big community project.

The Time project has been a wonderful time of discovery. We have encountered new artists and engaged with long time collaborators. Thanks to ACE support the company has grown during this period. Learning new skills and developing ideas for the future. We hope to see you at an outdoor presentation of "In Between Spaces". Please support the Arts, stay safe and stay creative!
In Between Spaces

© 2020 Created by  David Bower

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