The Essence of Time

''The Essence Of Time'' is a  new local-national/international virtual engagement multi-art digital exchange project exploring how we perceive space in time/specifically nature as differently able people.  The ‘Essence of Time’ takes inspiration from our outdoor lived environment, be that urban or rural. It reconnects me as a creative to the natural world and to the way we have interfered and greedily exploited the gifts of nature.

Time in Nature or Nature in Time

 8 solo artists come together to make brand new pieces which will be displayed here weekly on Fridays from February to March. 

Essence Artists 


Essence I


The music worked nicely with the choreography and cutting the movements to the beat of the music was fun. Noemi sent several takes of the same movement and I was able to make the video look like a mirror. 


Robert Corcoran 73degree films 

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''I take hope in the fact that nature, when given the chance will re-emerge, re-wild, re-populate our toxic footprint and that we, as children of the world, can be a small part of that.''


Soobie Whitfield - Artist   

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