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Singing a song to the supermarket cashier..

The name "In Between Spaces" seems well chosen. I always feel that I am there. Guadalajara - it was an experience to itself. In December 2019 when Signdance Collective went to Mexico to perform at the Trazando Posibilidades Festival, I had a fascinating encounter which is connected to the song "Facades". I wrote it in 2016 and it was chosen to be part of the performance. It developed to a profound scene.

David´s original performance takes the audience in a surreal state. He sees a reflection of the WOMAN who appears on the screen. He is communicating the meaning of the lyrics of "Facades" in his imagination, in dialogue with the WOMAN. She is signing on the streets of Miami. Is it in the future, past or present?

So I went in this supermarket in Guadalajara. I was standing in the queue when an old woman started to sing a song to the supermarket cashier. Simple, lovely honest, Mexican. The cashier stood up and they hugged. He was much bigger than the small woman with her white hair.

One of the lyrics in Facades goes: "I am singing a song to the supermarket cashier.."

Theatre where we performed in Guadalajara

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Nice story about the background of the lyrics!

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