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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

May 2020 In 2019 & 2020 We created the show with the help of Arts Council England Styria, Graz and Austria. We made the work in Mexico, Miami, High Wycombe, Graz Austria, and Bornova Izmir Turkey. The result is really fantastic. Very challenging at times, because of all the different art forms involved and all the different locations ,. Travelling is exhausting, but in the end, it has been so worthwhile. We did 1 show in Mexico, a sharing in Graz, 2 shows in High Wycombe, several open mics, and a show in Belgium. They all went so well, and then BOOM! Virus.

But we are here,, creating rehearsing. and learning about the digital possibilities for our work. Plus sharing through the TIME Project. I m so excited that we are collaborating with so many artists from around the world .. The show may have to wait & shift outdoors for a while, but this is an active and wonderful intermission full of surprises! Watch this space .

Wycombe 2018 We offered a series of workshops four in total and created 2 short pieces one which were performed at the workshops and two were performed alongside the company show. All engagement sessions at Wycombe Arts Centre were very successful, we were able to work with several groups of disabled people, the Deaf community, and professional local artists, one who contributed the music composition of In Between Spaces.

We also engaged with the community by performing at two open mic nights which helped SDC to connect with the local community as well as building audiences for the pilot performances. The artists working on the project worked so well together, it created wonderful atmosphere in rehearsals and during the pilot show preparations and throughout.

June 20 2020

So happy that we are able to work together on the Time Project. Personally, I'm learning so much about working digitally and with P.R. The project is coming together very well and the submissions are excellent. I've been on lockdown for 3 and a half months. People often forget that I am a disabled woman. I am grateful for Arts Council England for giving us this opportunity to save our company. THNKS ACE!!! Logo Viviana Molinares

We are delighted with how The Time Project is going !!!check out the Time Pages on the site . Also the rehearsals have been amazing as has the community engagement and new collaboration with Rogerio Correa and Ron Downes Films - Calustro Phobia .

Very grateful to all our partners for their support !It was also GREAT to exhibit the part 1 films at Wycombe Arts Centre - Home of Signdance Collective

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I love the photos by our director Ozan Gokmen


We will tour again .Meanwhile we meet in the virtual space :) see you all here !!


This work is brilliant :) We will carry on digitally until we can tour again ...and we will tour again .

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