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The Performance centres on four characters who perambulate in a world outside of time.
A meeting between a Woman and a Man, Time and an Oracle takes place in between the space of the digital world and reality. Are they human or digital echoes electronically seared into our minds?
The story investigates identity in the age of transient digital glitches. Real-life experiences become tangled within digital interactions.
Among hopes of sunny days, memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another as they criss-cross between the screen and real-time.
The work explores whether humans can exist and communicate in two spaces at once and at what price.
IN BETWEEN SPACES is a live show which combines image, music and dance-theatre to create a unique experience for an audience.
A room where we meet across cultures.
Co-created by international signdance pioneers Signdance Collective
and the austrian performance company
 Transmitter Performance
In partnership with 73 Degree Films
Wycombe Arts Centre,
writer-dramaturg Pedro De Senna,
movement director Kate Lawrence,
spoken word poet Lionel Macauley,
composer Richard Pollock 
and director Ozan Gokmen,
the project will  break new ground for combining music, movement, signtheatre, dance and film.
In Between Spaces - Zwischenräume is created in The UK, Austria, Turkey and USA.
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