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Essence II

Ozan and Lila

Ozan named his contribution 'Childhood' and the film feels to me very much like a memory. To bring that out, I left his sound design and black and white photography in place, but broke the film up into pieces. These pieces are placed around the screen and each time a new piece is added the previous clips fade into its place, until the screen is covered.

Ozan added some light piano music to his sound design, but I felt it needed something more. I liked Lila's track a lot, it helps to add another layer of depth. This reminds me a little of Thomas' film which also had a 'memory' theme.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

Ozan Gökmen &  Angelina Schwammerlin

Ozan Gökmen & Angelina Schwammerlin

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Essence III

Ashley and Mike

I was thinking about the space Ashley is moving in. It's a tourist spot and a place where many people take photos and videos every day. I wanted to play with this idea by presenting the piece as a strip of film, as though we are looking through someone's old footage.


To bring out the movement a little more I used an effect that shapes the light around objects. In this case as Ashley is surrounded by light from the city below, this helps her image to pop out with an ethereal quality.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films