Essence II

Ozan and Lila

Ozan named his contribution 'Childhood' and the film feels to me very much like a memory. To bring that out, I left his sound design and black and white photography in place, but broke the film up into pieces. These pieces are placed around the screen and each time a new piece is added the previous clips fade into its place, until the screen is covered.

Ozan added some light piano music to his sound design, but I felt it needed something more. I liked Lila's track a lot, it helps to add another layer of depth. This reminds me a little of Thomas' film which also had a 'memory' theme.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

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Essence III

Ashley and Mike

I was thinking about the space Ashley is moving in. It's a tourist spot and a place where many people take photos and videos every day. I wanted to play with this idea by presenting the piece as a strip of film, as though we are looking through someone's old footage.


To bring out the movement a little more I used an effect that shapes the light around objects. In this case as Ashley is surrounded by light from the city below, this helps her image to pop out with an ethereal quality.

Robert Corcoran 73degree films

Click the eye to meet Ozan or Lila!

Isolte: The Essence of Time

Isolte Avila is Signdance Collective's International Collaboration, Dance Director & Performer

David: The Essence of Time

David Bower is Signdance Collective's Artistic Director. He was recently in a film called, "Drive Me To The End." Available  on Amazon Prime.

Ruth: The Essence of Time

Ruth Gunstone is a cultural leader. Associate Director at Signdance Collective and Director at Wycombe Arts Centre.

Soobie: The Essence of Time

Soobie is Signdance Collective's International, National & Local Arts in the Community Development Team. She is a dancer, performer and artistic collaborator.

Peter: The Essence of Time

Peter Osita is an actor, an artistic collaborator & part of SDC's Media and Marketing team!

Lila: The Essence of Time

Angelina (Lila) Schwammerlin is Signdance Collective’s in-house composer/musician and associate director. She is also directs Transmitter Performance in Austria.

Ozan: The Essence of Time

Ozan Gökmen is an actor, director, and musician. He is a regular collaborator with Signdance Collective. More information about Ozan at!

Pierre: The Essence of Time

Pierre Dib Geagea is a deaf-born Lebanese energetic dance teacher and professional dancer who possesses a sense of rhythm, a feeling for music, and a creative ability to express himself through movement. Harmonize body movements to the rhythm of musical accompaniment.

Philip: The Essence of Time

Philip Roderick is an education, musician and Anglican Priest. He is intrigued by the quiet power of sound and the embodiment of insight. Philip has a particular appreciation of ethnic percussion - from goat’s toenails to the Tongue Drum, From East African drums to the ambient hang. 

YellowStylez: The Essence of Time

YellowStylez! Nicknamed "The Truth" by the mayor of his hometown East Orange NJ, is a Founding Member of Nu Rho Poetic Society at Syracuse University, a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and 3x award winning slam champion. Now, Yellowstylez is going to start a new journey of being a Specialist in the U.S. Army.

Ashley: The Essence of Time

Ashley Antonia Lopez is a member Signdance Collective’s International Touring & Production company & Marketing team lead & Website designer. She is pursing her Master's in Social Media & Mobile Marketing. She is in a webseries on Amazon Prime called #LOVEMYROOMIE. She plays Charis in the web-series. Follow @xxtheater on Instagram.

Anita: The Essence of Time

Anita Hofer 1962, Artist, Founder and Head of Culture in Graz, Platform for interdisciplinary networking. Stuided philosophy, linguistics and art history, KF UNI Graz, Fields of Work: Participatory and interactive environments, installations, actions, performances, video, music, radio. Kultur in Graz Is an independent cultural platform in Austria, Graz.

KALKALATA: The Essence of Time

KALKALATA is a multi-discipline artist working in film, animation, screen painting and traditional art forms. Go follow @kalkalatasoundz on Instagram!

Freddie: The Essence of Time

Freddie is one of SDC’s new collaborators! Freddie is looking forward to collaborating more with SDC. Go follow @freddiechurchillart_ on instagram.